SEMO link is a new locally owned and operated free online classified ads platform serving Southeast Missouri. Read more about us here: About SEMOlink.

This site has only been online a few days, please help us populate it!

About SEMO link

SEMO link - Southeast Missouri's Free Online Classifieds


SEMO link is a new locally owned and operated free online classified ads platform and community proudly serving all of Southeast Missouri. SEMO link was created specifically for the Southeast Missouri area by lifelong Southeast Missourians to serve as a free and centralized venue for local people and businesses to buy, sell, trade, advertise, share announcements and information. SEMO link was intended as a better and more local alternative to large websites such as Craigslist and Topix that are overly moderated, broad and unassociated with our area.



Why SEMO link?

SEMO link provides features that make it an effective and helpful means of maximizing your advertisements exposure to a more focused, targeted and local audience than other platforms that spread themselves thin attempting to serve such broad areas. SEMO link's code uses "SEO" or search engine optimization for ultra focused and locally targeted search engine results, this means that when people are searching for things locally in Southeast Missouri they are more likely to find it if you have posted it on SEMO link instead of the other less local platforms that care very little about catering to what to them is such a small area. SEMO link vows to and does maintain an aggressive and highly targeted strategic advertising campaign online through paid Google, Bing, Yahoo, and Facebook advertisements as well as through local newspapers, radio programs, word of mouth and other more "grassroots" means that only operating locally could allow. This means maximum exposure to the local market and customer base right here in Southeast Missouri which benefits us all locally.



Social Media

The built-in social media sharing features of SEMO link saves its users time by allowing them to share classified ads on popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ among countless others without having to manually enter the information over and over. SEMO link makes use of cutting edge code like Facebook's OpenGraph and Twitter cards to ensure that your shared ads information and attached photos are presented in a clean and professional looking way manually posting would never achieve so they can be quickly posted and shared to Facebook yardsale groups and other local social media venues effortlessly.




SEMO link maintains a strong social media presence across many platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Newly listed classified ads are periodically posted to SEMO link's social media pages automatically and these posts are targeted to residents of Southeast Missouri. So when you post a classified ad with SEMO link you have just successfully added it into several different social media platforms for maximum exposure.




While the site is faitly new the reasons to give SEMO link a try for your classified ads are clear. If you want maximum exposure for your classified ad when it comes to search engines, local media, and social media then you should certainly use SEMO link to post your classified ads. We appreciate those who support local business and enterprises and ask you to support SEMO link as well. Help us make SEMO link Southeast Missouri's number one and very own online classified ad service.


Is SEMO link free?

Yes, posting classified advertisements on SEMO link is completely free. However if you would like to draw extra attention to your advertisement you can make your ad premium for a small fee.


Premium Ads

When an ad is made premium it shows up at the top of the main page in the rotating slider where all visitors will see it. Premium ads also show up at the top of all listings and searches and becomes highlighted. Currently because SEMO link is still new it only costs $3 to make an ad premium for 7 days, in the future this is likely to change. We currently only accept paypal however more payment options will be added soon.


You can find instructions on how to make your ad premium here.



Southeast Missouri Cities Served by SEMO link

If you are in Southeast Missouri but your city or town is not listed, just use the closest to you. And if any have been missed that should be added by all means please let us know.



  • Cape Girardeau
  • Jackson
  • Sikeston
  • Malden
  • New Madrid
  • East Prairie
  • Charleston
  • Perryville
  • Steele
  • Cooter
  • Holland
  • Bloomfield
  • Dexter
  • Carutherseville
  • Clarkton
  • Benton
  • Scott City